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  • Version 3.00.1645
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XP-Remote 3.00.1645

Special Features of the XP-Remote
XP-Manger is a tool to monitor and control the XGT Panel installed in the office or in the plant. The XGT
Panel can be monitored by several people at the same time.
(1) Remote monitoring of XGT Panel is available
(2) The XGT Panel can be controlled remotely in the same way as at the site.
(3) Fast monitoring and controlling is available even from a remote area.
(4) It consists of big icons to use its functions easily.
(5) It is easy to convert to a particular screen regardless of drawing contents.
(6) It can reduce uploading time when saving the project and re-starting monitoring.

(7) Available to monitor the XGT Panel and other screens.
(8) Multiple users can monitor one XGT Panel.

1.2 System Requirements for Executing the XP-Remote
(1) Personal Computer and Memory
A computer with memory of at least 512MB or higher in the CPU of Pentium 4 or higher
(2) Communication Port
Ethernet ports
(3) Hard Disc
Available area of at least 100MB or above
(4) Mouse
Mouse that can be connected with the computer
(5) Monitor
Resolution of 1024 X 768 or above
(6) Computer Operation System
Execution is available on the version of Window XP or above