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  • Version 3.00.1645
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  • Data de Criação 16 de março de 2020
  • Ultima Atualização 16 de março de 2020

XP-Builder 3.00.1645

Software Grátis para IHMs da LSIS (Sem Suporte para a XP Series).

XP-Builder is software that allows you to create and manage projects for machine
control devices. You can use XP-Builder to create projects for the XGT Panel. XP-Builder
includes multiple features that allow you to design and edit projects conveniently, such

  •  Customizable toolbars and hotkeys
  •  Customizable tool, project, and editing panes
  •  Functions to import and export common data
  • Tabs for viewing multiple screens easily
  • Previews of project screens
  • Customizable image and object libraries
  • Scripts and advanced functions, such as alarms, logs, schedules, and recipes
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Various and convenient display editing
  • A variety of image libraries and graphic files
  • Useful functions: Logging, Recipe, Scheduler, etc
  • Easy and convenient scripts
  • Multi-language and various fonts
  • Simulation
  • Various communication drivers